Zelltek S.A

Zelltek SA, biosimilars production and commercialization company controls data leakage with Endpoint Protector

Zelltek is a company dedicated to the development, production, and commercialization of biosimilar health products. It is currently owned by the Amega Biotech Group (www.amegabiotech.com). The main products are biopharmaceuticals obtained by culturing recombinant host cells, such as bacteria and mammalian cells.

The Challenge

Zelltek activates in a very sensitive domain, storing critical information such as research and development processes, intellectual property, chemical recipes, etc. A data leak would be disastrous, causing customer loss, reputation damage and loss of competitive advantage. In addition, condential information resides on laptops and desktop computers in various parts of the country, determining the need for remote control of removable devices.

Why Endpoint Protector?
  • Granular Device Control
  • Prevents data loss on all corporate computers
  • Efficient technical support
The Solution

The systems department tested Endpoint Protector for 30 days, obtaining considerable satisfaction to implement it in the Zelltek infrastructure. They opted for Endpoint Protector in Virtual Appliance format with the Device Control module. The solution functionalities allow the company to create policies for USBs, CDs, DVDs, Bluetooth, internal card reader, local printers, smartphones, and many others to deny access, set read-only access or allow access.

The File Tracing option is one of the features that helps them the most because it shows details about which user has copied that data and through which device. In addition, File Shadowing saves a copy of the les copied for future reference and to verify the copied content in detail.

For teams located outside the central corporate office, policies can be applied in the same way, without any restriction, which is very convenient for Zelltek. In addition, the Offline Temporary Password functionality allows them to assign temporary permissions in exceptional cases to avoid interrupting the activity of the employees.

As for the experience and collaboration with the CoSoSys team, Luciano Ruggia, the director of the Zelltek Systems Department comments: "We always receive information about product updates, news, and other associated information. Regarding the support, the implementation of product in the company was well attended and all concerns were solved. "

Endpoint Protector fulfilled our needs of controlling the computers, their use, and the information security, inside and outside of the network also, avoiding beyond the leak of information, the misuse of the work tools.
Luciano Ruggia
Systems Department
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