Vitacom Electronics

Leading Romanian distributor of electronics effectively prevents breaches and outbreaks caused by portable storage devices.

Vitacom Electronics is one of the largest distributors of electronic products and materials, IT&C and Anti-Virus products in Romania. Official distributor for some of the world’s most prestigious manufacturers, Vitacom, imports and supplies the Romanian and neighboring markets with a range of over 50.000 products.

Vitacom’ sense of business and the dedicated team of over 200 employees helped them achieve impressive financial results and growth. The company reported 14 million Euro turnover for 2007.

The Challenge

The electronics distribution field translates into customer and supplier data, billing address and other confidential data on an ever growing base being stored. To ensure the highest level of quality and protection, Vitacom needed to secure both customers and company data against breaches caused by data loss, data theft or virus infections caused by the misguided or intentionally malicious use of portable storage devices.
Vitacom also needed to allow its employees to keep in touch with the latest developments in data portability and mobility, to help them increase productivity.

Therefore, proactively managing possible threats was a far better solution than simply stopping all use of portable devices, from smartphones to USB sticks and CD drives. As they had already experienced malware infections caused by the use of such devices, increasing their level of security to
prevent future losses was a must.

Why Endpoint Protector?
  • Extensive control over all common device types
  • Enforced encryption of critical company data
  • Effective customer support
The Solution

After Vitacom completed their research and testing process, which included data loss prevention and device control solutions developed by CoSoSys and GFI, Vitacom chose Endpoint Protector 2009 for its easy of use, configuration and cost effectiveness.
Being able to selectively block peripheral devices, while centrally granting or denying rights for the use of specific device types in real time and the seamless integration with Active Directory, helped Vitacom enforce a viable and comprehensive security policy and effectively manage all potential security breaches.

While benefiting from an overall increased systems and network security, Vitacom also enjoyed a responsive and professional support team to help them adapt to the Endpoint Protector 2009 extensive features to their specific needs.

Endpoint Protector’s ease of deployment and customization has exceeded our expectations. The overall communication and collaboration with the CoSoSys team were amazingly fast and effective.
Renyi Zsolt
IT Manager at Vitacom Electronics
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