Caudex Services Ltd

Caudex Services chose to include Endpoint Protector into their product portfolio.

Formed in 2001 Caudex Services Ltd saw the special need for a specific focus on IT Data Security and the need to provide an informed and friendly service helping organizations protect what is now becoming their primary asset, Data.
Caudex provides network and data security solutions using many best of breed solutions from leading industry vendors in turn giving their customer access to the best solutions available on the market today.

The Decision

Caudex was selling DeviceLock, but some of the existing customers were finding their current solutions were letting them down and were difficult to administrate. Once the customers had the chance to test Endpoint Protector, they realized that it was the solution they were looking for, easy to use and more effective than other solutions used in the past. Good customer feedback was the main reason Caudex decided to take on CoSoSys’ Endpoint Protector.

Endpoint Protector has now been added as one of Caudex main products. As part of their portfolio, they felt confident in taking Endpoint Protector to new and existing customers.

Why Endpoint Protector?
  • Easy to use
  • Effective pre and post sales support
  • Excellent functionality at a great price
CoSoSys Channel Strategy

Caudex chose to sell Endpoint Protector through Softek, CoSoSys’ Value Added Distributor for the UK. Therefore, their first line of contact and support is Softek, but, at the same time, CoSoSys keeps a close contact with Caudex, providing additional support, leads, technical and sales training, rewards and other significant benefits.

“Our experience with Softek has been fantastic - Softek really does excel when it comes to supporting their resellers. From assistance with lead generation, opportunity development and post and pre-sales support they really do become part of your team,” said Andrew Thomson, Caudex Services.

CoSoSys enables both sales and technical teams to really take the time to understand the products they sell and support. Moreover, the pricing model offers excellent value for money compared to many other solutions available. Endpoint Protector grants excellent functionality with ease of use at a great price.

Good customer feedback when we tested the market was the main reason we decided to take on CoSoSys. It has now been added as one of our main products as part of our portfolio as we felt confident in taking this to new and existing customers.
Andrew Thomson
Managing Director at Caudex Services Ltd.
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